Kobie Bowman

Name: Kobie Bowman

Institution: Prairie View A&M

Major: Mathematics

Project: Environmental Fate Prediction via Atom Based Computer Simulation

Mentor: Jeffrey Potoff, Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering & Materials Science)

Avery English


Name: Avery English

Institution: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Major: Chemical Engineering

Project: Analysis of Implementing a Cogeneration Cycle for Power Production

Mentor: Carol Miller, Ph.D. (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Jeremy Jack

Name: Jeremy Jack

Institution: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Major: Chemical Engineering

Project: Sustainable Li-Ion Materials for Safe & Eco-Friendly Batteries

Mentor:  Leela Arava, Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)

Daniel Jimenez

Name: Daniel Jimenez

Institution: CUNY - City College of New York

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Project: DP1180CR Steel Microstructures: A Study of Strain and its Effect on Grain Structure

Mentor: Xin Wu, Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)

Michael Mayberry

Name: Michael Mayberry

Institution: Wayne State University

Major: Electrical Engineering

Project: High Efficiency DC-AC Inverters for Alternative Energy Systems

Mentor: Caisheng Wang (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Alexandra Nelson

Name: Alexandra Nelson

Institution: Brown University

Major: Chemical Engineering

Project: Integrated Algae-Wastewater Systems for Sustainable Bioenergy Production and Wastewater Treatment

Mentor: Yongli Zhang, Ph.D. (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Mahir Rafi

Name: Mahir Rafi

Institution: The City College of New York

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Project: Flax Fiber and Biodegradable Resin based "Green" Composites

Mentor: Golam Newaz, Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)

Clara Cahuana

Name: Clara Ramirez Cahuana

Institution: University of Connecticut

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Project: Sustainable manufacturing/life-cycle effect analysis and cyber learning 

Mentor:  Kyoung-Yun Kim, Ph.D. (Industrial & Systems Engineering)

Theodore Riotto

Name: Theodore Riotto

Institution: Lehigh University

Major: Chemical Engineering

Project: Controlled metal@metal Oxide Encapsulated Structure for Selective Heterogeneous Catalysis

Mentor: Eranda Nikolla, Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering & Materials Science)

Illya Salinnyk

Name: Illya Salinnyk

Institution: Florida Institute of Technology

Major: Chemical Engineering

Project: Automotive Nanocoating Manufacturing: Sustainability Performance Comparison with Conventional Coatings

Mentor: Yinlun Huang, Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering & Materials Science)

Leighton Stein

Name: Leighton Stein

Institution: Wayne State University 

Major: Civil Engineering/Chemistry 

Project: Condition Assessment of End-of-Life Products for Remanufacturing

Mentor: Jeremy L. Rickli, Ph.D. (Industrial & Systems Engineering)