REU program overview

The objective of the REU site program, Summer Academy in Sustainable Manufacturing, is to introduce undergraduate students to the forefront of sustainable manufacturing research, and provide students with the skills to pursue post-undergraduate studies to become contributing researchers and practitioners of sustainability in the manufacturing industry of the future. The site resides in midtown Detroit, Michigan, within the Southeastern Michigan Manufacturing Community.

This REU site program has a number of important features: (1) national priority area in advanced manufacturing and sustainability, (2) sustainable manufacturing research projects that challenge participants to consider economic, environmental, and social implications, and (3) activities to develop a vibrant sustainable manufacturing research community. This site is designed to provide a challenging and dynamic learning environment for students to conduct research in critical technical areas of sustainable manufacturing identified by the Department of Energy. Participants will develop collegial relationships as a group by participating in various scholarly and recreational activities. Participants will attend weekly group meetings that introduce participants to the multi-disciplinary nature of sustainable manufacturing, and elaborates on how undergraduate research projects fit into the sustainable manufacturing body of knowledge.

REU Site Program Schedule


2016 REU Site Co-Hort

2017 REU Site Co-Hort

2018 REU Site Co-Hort